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Featuring Network Automation For Instant:

  • Block Transaction Stacking

  • Subsequent Block Issuance

  • Transaction Confirmations

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How It Works

User Buys HLX Using Credit Card, Fiat, or Crypto Currency
HLX Coins Issued To User
Value Swapped Into HLX is Accrued by BCHLX
Value is securitized by the HLX Coin until the user wallet transacts.
Transactions can be either in the form of a Product or Service Purchase, Network System Feature, or Swap Out from HLX.

HLX Coin Token Design

Each HLX coin can only be transacted with once.
One block of HLX consists of 100 Billion coins.
After HLX, the next block issued is zHLX, Then yHLX, xHLX, etc.
As HLX Coins are acquired, the value received into HLX is stored as an accrued future service until the user transacts, effectively burning the coin.
This means your value is secured from the moment you acquire HLX until whenever you want to use it.

HLX Coin Valuation Metrics

When released zHLX has a $3.00 USD par value & 0.89 HLX value.
This continues with each subsequent block.
For Marketplace purchases, users can earn 33% of the transaction’s total, awarded in zHLX.
The award is accrued instantly in the user wallet upon completion of the transaction.
During the initial block issuance, HLX to Fiat value swaps will be offered from BCHLX at $2.75 of par. This is to account for processing fees incurred by the user to acquire HLX that were not charged when the HLX was purchased.
As the Network expands, Aggregators may offer HLX & zHLX swaps for alternative prices, set at their discretion.

BCHLX offers inherent growth factors built into the network’s core. The HLX Coin Value Will Grow Based On Two Factors

Coin Burn : Amount of HLX Burned By Network Usage.

Block Liquidity : Amount of HLX available to purchase from the current block.

When Block Height reaches 89% or Block Liquidity drops to 20%, the BCHLX system will automatically issue the next block into the market, which is currently zHLX.

HLX Network Services


BCHLX Network Wallet Services

The HLX Wallet includes a variety of BCHLX Network Services which users can engage directly from inside the BCHLX Wallet.

  • Disaggregated Data File Encryptions
  • Smart Contract Tools
    • Build Time Capsule NFTs
    • Save & Share Memories & Moment NFTs
    • Create a Wallet Inheritance Plan / Living Will
  • Budgeting & Planning Tools
    • Routine Asset Allocations or HLX Coin Transfers

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